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Child Yield is an Integrated Child Health Development Program – Achieving a high level of mental, physical and intellectual development of the child by involving the child, parents and school. Children represent our future. It is our prime concern to ensure their healthy growth and development. Healthy children make for a happy generation and a strong nation. WHO has defined the health as   a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. A healthy child is the one who is mentally, physically, intellectually healthy and well-adjusted in the surrounding social environment. Child Yield is a program of interrelated, extra-curricular, school-centric activities with the focus on achieving a high level of mental, physical and intellectual development of the child by involving the child, parents and school together.

Integrated Growth
According to the Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC) a holistic approach that guarantees both child survival and development is the child’s right. The nation requires a strong and healthy generations to mark its growth at the global level. Parents, schools and society as a whole are responsible for integrated growth of children.
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Truthfulness has a beautiful simplicity. We believe that, to be truly successful in business and in life, we must always be honest and open with our clients and employees. We believe that for building strong relations we need to develop trust and faith. Strong relationships allow us to accomplish much more than we would be able to otherwise. Truthfulness and integrity are the hallmark of our company’s success.
Skill Education
Life skills-based education has a long history of supporting child development and health promotion. Practicing life skills leads to boost in self-esteem, enhancing social skills and tolerance and takes to generate change. The Child becomes capable of deciding what to do and who to be, skills related to critical thinking and problem solving, self-management, communication and inter-personal skills. Life skills-based education is now recognized as a methodology to address a variety of issues of child and youth development.

Child Yield Introductory Video
Early stages of a Child’s life are very important for his or her growth and development. Parents, health professionals, educators, and others can work together as partners to help children develop to reach their full potential. Childyield is the ideal platform where you will find ideal resources for students, teachers and parents. Apart from this introductory video we have two more characters.This is the story of a boy whose name is DONNISH and he has some phenomenal observation power. He is attempting to fix some considerable issues with his teacher AVA SINGH that every child is confronting.Let’s catch the introductory video of our hero DONNISH and his teacher AVA SINGH For more information, please click on given link.



Who We Are
The upbringing of children will depend upon giving them an optimum environment for healthy growth and nurturing their full potential. For a successful child care program, it is necessary to involve the child, parents and school along.

Our aim is to:

  • Develop a comprehensive child care program for holistic development of children.
  • Enable school-parent co-operation for optimum mental, physical and intellectual growth of the child.
  • Empower school and parents to preserve child’s health records for future references.
  • Empower school and parents to preserve child’s health records for future references.
  • Connect with thousands of professionals and businesses online for products and services.

Child Yield  focuses on providing all services and information under one platform. It includes interrelated, extra-curricular, school-centric activities to achieve a high level of mental, physical and intellectual development of the child by involving the child, parents and the school together

Why Choose Us?
We understand that one must bridge the generation gap, change is constant. Many Schools are still using the same old technique in education system. This can create the interruption in Child’s life. This will help parents who are working and want most of updated information about their children.

Currently, there is no structured educational program which focuses on developing mental, physical and intellectual health of the school going child by involving the child, parents and school.

There is no co-ordination between parents and schools, except for academic activities, to assess, monitor, analyze children’s well-being and focus on realizing a child’s full-potential. The program focuses on acting as a catalyst between school and parents to achieve optimum child care and growth.
Many schools do not share the health records with parents. Who do not get any information about their child like basic health assessment. We are providing you general information about the processes involved in an illness or recovering from an injury, as this information is freely available on our website. This will help parents to deal with crisis medical situation.
We are upgrading with the generation gap. As many schools are still using some old techniques for the education system. This can create some interruption in the studies. So we are providing information technology services which is  up to date with parents. This will help parents who are working and want up to date information about their children.
Benefits to Child
  • Partner in child’s comprehensive growth.
  • Facilitate in providing play way of learning.
  • More attention to child from parents and school.
Benefits to Parents
  • Act as catalyst for parents need of development of child.
  • Providing integrated platform to deal with various stages in child’s growth.
  • Facilitating parents in providing analytical database.
Benefits to School
  • Providing extended platform in developing child.
  • Reducing the gap between parents and School.
  • Empowering school to use analytical tools in assessing student’s talent.
Benefits to Society
  • Facilitating in developing a nation through play, learn and grow model.
  • Overall boosting national talent and skill development.